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The "Viceroy" is the most common variation of the 1163. It is available in black or white dials, but the only thing that makes it the same is the red accents and dashes on the hour and minutes hands. The "Orange Boy", which is similar to Viceroy, but has orange accents in place of red, is another notable example.

The Viceroy was sold by Phillips Watches in their Geneva Watch Auction X Lot 162. In the catalogue,Rolex Daytona Replica Watches it says: "In early 1970s Heuer explored new ways to increase their sales. Jack Heuer, after having put the brand on the Ferrari Formula 1 cars, pursued other partnerships such as the Parnelli-Jones-Viceroy Racing Team. Autavia was a highly sought-after model and well integrated into automobile sport. "Many Formula 1 drivers wore the model as they smoked a cigarette in between two laps."

Stein, in response to a question about the Viceroy says: "This version was part of a Viceroy cigarette promotion, which began in May 1972 and continued until the end of 1972. Heuer produced this model even after the Viceroy campaign ended. Dealers offered either the MH (minute/hour bezel) or the T (tachymeter). The 'Viceroy Autavia' is the name of this chronograph, regardless of whether it was bought through the cigarette promotional campaign or through a retailer. The Viceroy Autavia was probably the most produced Heuer chronograph ever, and they are still available today. Estimated Value ...$ $1,000 (for a beater), to $2,500 (for an extremely nice one).

Fujiwara was clearly inspired by the 1163 Viceroy Autavia when he designed the Rolex Daytona Replica Watches Calibre Heuer 02 Automatic (44 mm). He has chosen to keep the modern interpretation Rolex Daytona Replica Watches barrel case - essentially Formula 1 with narrower lugs, a finely polished bevel and deviates from the recess for the chronograph buttons and crown at 9 o’clock on the vintage 1163.

The bezel has a tachymeter-scale in black ceramic polished.mido replica The dial is opaline and Fujiwara has chosen to remove the hour markers from the Viceroy 1163, but have retained the red accents that sit above them.

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